Shaller Charcoal Grill & BBQ Pit
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combo charcoal grill and bbq pit
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Our grill is proudly made in Schulenburg, TX (not China) which is located in the middle of the Austin, Houston, and San Antonio triangle (view map).

From Searing To Smoking, This Combination
Charcoal Grill & BBQ Pit Has Got It Covered:

  • For grilling: The charcoal grate can be raised and lowered 19" by a lever on the front of the grill. In the uppermost positions, it can be used to sear the meat to lock in the juices. Then it can be lowered to cook.
  • For barbecue/barbeque or smoking: The charcoal grate assembly can be removed from the movable holder and moved to a fixed holder located at the bottom of the pit placing the charcoal 33" from the grill.
  • To reduce flare-ups, the angled stainless steel grill (high in the center) directs the grease to "V" shaped troughs which is then channeled to a catch can located on the rear side of the pit.
  • Clean-up is easy with the removable ash pan
  • Charcoal grate assembly slides out to light the charcoal (the ash pan stays directly under the grate)
  • Adjustable dampers control temperature and can be completely closed to preserve the charcoal
  • High quality: welded construction; 16 gauge steel; bronze bushing with stainless steel pins are used for the movable grate linkage; stainless steel grill and charcoal grate; powder coated with a special high-temp powder
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