Shaller Charcoal Grill & BBQ Pit
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Call To Order  1-800-293-5198 Shaller Charcoal Grill & BBQ Pit

Online ordering is not available at this time.
To order, please call (800) 293-5198 or (979) 743-3892

Pricing Info

The price range for the Shaller Combo Charcoal Grill & BBQ Pit
is from $995 to $1495. $1495 is for the unit as pictured.

Types of payment accepted:
checks, cash, Mastercard, or Visa

Downgrades: Deduct
Plastic/Rubber wheels instead of Texas Star steel wheels (view plastic/rubber wheel) $85
Flat stainless grill without grease catching system $85
Non-movable upper charcoal grate holder (This places the charcoal grate
about 10 ½" from grill - 5 ½" lower than top notch in movable holder)
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How do I get it?

Our fully loaded combo grill & pit weighs 295 pounds. Until we establish distributors, it is recommended that you pick up your grill from the factory to save crating and expensive shipping costs. Our grill is proudly made in Schulenburg, TX (not China) which is located in the middle of the Austin, Houston, and San Antonio triangle (view map).

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